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Our Sober Living Homes for men in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains are perfect for focusing on developing healthy behaviors during recovery. Our dedicated team of professionals are here to help you and your loved ones with their addiction recovery!

Sober Living In Asheville, NC

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, program-oriented setting where residents can find purpose, progress, and build a foundation for a life that is not only free of drugs and alcohol, but flourishing in all aspects. Our sober living’s staff consists of active members of the Asheville Sober Living recovery community and comes with years of experience, professional backgrounds, counseling certifications and various expertise in health, wellness and employment services.

Our Men's Sober Living Home in Asheville, NC

Our Sober Living Home Values

We understand every client can struggle with different addictions and conditions. Otter House Recovery provides personalized treatment plans to help each client be successful!

In our sober living home, our clients are able to build a recovery program based on setting healthy boundaries, coping skills, humility and confidence to transition to life outside of sober living successfully.

Our House Rules are designed to provide structure and order for our clients. Our Sober Living Home rules focus on developing healthy lifestyle foundations, creating accountability and having an uplifting environment.

The Otter House Recovery Sober Living staff are in recovery and are passionate about helping our residents live a fun, sober life. We realize that it takes structure, accountability and support for this to occur. We view our work as more of a calling than a job. The disease of addiction is real, but if treated properly it can be overcome.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. All calls are strictly confidential. If we’re not the right place for you then we’ll help you find the place that is.

What Sets Our Asheville Sober Living Homes Apart?

Unlike many other Asheville sober living homes, Otter House is committed to the family surrounding the client. We have a family weekend that focuses on re-establishing healthy communication within the family unit, while also providing support for all members of the family affected by the addiction. We communicate with the family on a weekly basis and have a dedicated staff to help provide new language and support for this journey in recovery. We also send specimens to an off-site lab for a complete analysis that screens for over 50 substances, including tests for validity and levels of all substances.

In keeping with a truly holistic approach to recovery, Otter House provides in-house experiential sessions for our clients. These sessions range from physical training in our private gym to mindfulness techniques, goal setting, book study, etc. In addition to our experiential sessions, each client is given a membership to our exclusive gym that offers a full spectrum of workout options.

All of these services are at no additional cost and help Otter House to create the best sober living experience possible.

Why Choose Otter House Recovery?

Our team is familiar with the realities of men’s sober living homes and understands the dangers of addiction. Our goal is to help young men cope with everyday life without resorting to drugs and alcohol by implementing a 12-Step program. We are committed to preventing relapses because people in early recovery often relapse multiple times before they become fully recovered. We try to avoid relapses and provide support when they do occur.

It’s all about structure and accountability at Otter House Recovery. We also offer support. Individuals learn to take control of their lives which can lead to positive change. Our team understands that treatment for addiction should not be tailored to one person. Our sober living home in Asheville has a small resident population. This allows us to get to know each resident and ensure that they live a sober life.

Random Drug Tests: All residents at Otter House Recovery are random drug tested at least once per week and have their breathalyzed every day. The random testing may be increased if there are suspicions that the resident is abusing drugs and alcohol.

House/Community Meetings: Group meetings are held 3 times per week. To help residents in recovery, our meetings are run by licensed and credentialed professionals who specialize in substance abuse addiction.

Assistance in Securing Employment: All clients of Otter House Recovery are provided with assistance in securing employment during and after their treatment. This is done by helping clients to develop resumes and providing coaching for interviewing.

House Responsibilities/Independent Living Skills: Each resident will learn independent living skills such as washing their own clothes, picking up after themselves, and even learning how to cook. All residents are assigned chores which are closely monitored each day. Our goal is to see young men leave Otter House Recovery able to take care of their own health and finances.

12-Step meetings: Each resident must be following a 12-Step program. This involves active step-work, regular contact with a sponsor, helping others to recover, and frequent contact with them. It is required that you attend 12-Step meetings.

Sober Living in Asheville: We know that you have to have fun sobering up! Otter House Recovery creates an environment where men have so much fun being sober they won’t want to return to substance abuse. Our residents can also go on trips to nearby attractions such as Appalachian Ski Mountain, or other states in the area to enjoy the outdoors.

Family Contacts: On a biweekly schedule, our Program Director calls each family on a weekly basis to update them, share concerns and good news, as well as give updates. All parents are provided with the director’s and owner’s contact information for emergencies or when they need to talk immediately.

Otter House Recovery's Main Focuses

Quality Services

After having studied many treatment programs and sober living houses, our team has put together a program that will offer everything our clients need to succeed.

Professional Care

Our founders have put together a great team of doctors, therapists and sponsors that can help with continuing their care during treatment while staying at our Sober Living Home.

Certified Staff

Our team of therapists and medical providers are all licensed and certified to provide the highest quality patient care.

Caring Community

Otter House Recovery works to keep families and friends involved in their loved one’s recovery. We strongly suggest that all of those involved to learn how to help those going through recovery.

Financial Education

Otter House Recovery works with the clients to learn the fundamentals of creating a solid financial foundation. Topics that will be taught include: Budget Creation, Credit Building, Financial Independence and efficient spending habits.

Networking Program

Our founders have put together a program to help clients learn the foundations of professional and personal networking. Our clients benefit by learning the basics of networking to working and learning from business professionals Otter House works with.

Family Program

Our team works with clients and their families to facilitate phone calls, share pictures, schedule check-in's with the owners/managers and helping implement boundaries while in treatment.

Career Planning

Otter House Recovery works with clients to build a set of professional goals (short, medium & long term), help acquire internships and network with business professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitional or sober living are programs that help ease people into their new, recovered lives. During sober living, clients will be taught invaluable skills that will drastically increase the chances of maintaining a fulfilling, sober life. Sober living is different from residential treatment, in the sense that sober living is long term and does not include a structured therapeutic program.  Instead, clients are taught skills such as budgeting, job searching, maintaining a clean living space, and more. Clients will be randomly drug tested and checked in each night and transportation to and from 12-step meetings will be provided. For clients that are not engaging in 12 step programs for addiction, we encourage a variety of other support meeting types.

Each Resident has a unique situation, so it is best to consult a member of the admissions team. The minimum recommended stay is 90 days, however, clients can decide whether or not to continue their residency at the end of each month. We traditionally see the best outcomes between 6 months and 1 year of stay.

Our recovery mentors help with basic case management. Case management is a hands-on program. Our team will make sure the client is attending meetings and meeting with their sponsor regularly (if that is a part of their treatment plan), actively participating in-house activities, and attending all doctor/ therapy appointments. They will also supervise client taking medication, provide additional transportation if necessary, and keep an open line of communication with the client’s treatment team, which may include therapists, doctors, outpatient team, etc. Additionally, they work with each client to make sure they are working out, getting proper nutrition, and are working towards gainful employment or continued education.

Otter House Recovery works with medical professionals in and around Asheville to ensure each resident has the best access to all levels of medical and MAT care.

A halfway house, also known as a “sober living house” in some states, is a transitional living facility for those in recovery from drugs or alcohol. Some people go to a halfway house after leaving a long-term addiction treatment center, prison or a homeless situation, while others go to be in a sober living environment as they begin their journey to recovery. In some cases, people are in halfway houses due to court orders.

Some halfway houses require residents to pass a drug screening and/or breathalyzer test, as they’re not equipped to deal with withdrawal symptoms or delirium tremens. Halfway houses are ideal for people who’ve already gone through medical detox and have completed an inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

The amount of time you’ll stay at a halfway house varies, but most stays are between three to twelve months. This gives you enough time to get back on your feet, secure a steady job, and feel strong in your sobriety.

Great place to start the recovery process before you start out on your own. I still go back there for meetings and to just talk to staff and hang out in a safe environment. Highly recommend if you want to stand on your two feet again.
James R.
So grateful for everyone that is a part of this program. Nick, Marcus, Jamie, and Kate are super caring people who put their all into seeing us succeed. I don’t know where I’d be right now if it were not for the skills and support I gained from otter house.
Justin A.
I’ve been in the recovery community in Asheville for 2+ years and can say that Otter House truly makes a difference. The staff are all very supportive and are passionate about helping others. I support all that OH does in this community.
Kev M.
justin Allard
justin Allard
19:28 11 Mar 21
So grateful for everyone that is a part of this program. Nick, Marcus, Jamie, and Kate are super caring people who put... their all into seeing us succeed. I don’t know where I’d be right now if it were not for the skills and support I gained from otter house. I met people through this program that I will forever consider to be friends. If you or someone you know is struggling I’d highly recommend reaching out to any of the workers here. They truly put their all into helping everyoneread more
Kev McDaniel
Kev McDaniel
18:51 09 Mar 21
I’ve been in the recovery community in Asheville for 2+ years and can say that Otter House truly makes a difference.... The staff are all very supportive and are passionate about helping others. I support all that OH does in this more
James Roquemore
James Roquemore
02:03 08 Mar 21
Great place to start the recovery process before you start out on your own. I still go back there for meetings and to... just talk to staff and hang out in a safe environment. Highly recommend if you want to stand on your two feet more
Mary Bolgan
Mary Bolgan
02:01 08 Mar 21
As an active member of the recovery community here in Asheville, I would recommend Otter House to any men looking for a... safe and supportive environment while they learn to live and stay on right road to recovery. The staff are well known upstanding men in the recovery community and are not only role models for other men looking for guidance, but also fellow addicts who have the firsthand experience of knowing what it’s like to be in early recovery. Otter house is not just a place to live, but a place that makes sure that every aspect of a residents life supports him in becoming a successful and sober member of more
Mary Wray
Mary Wray
00:57 05 Mar 21
I highly recommend Otter House. They have a loving and supportive staff that really cares about their clients. They... bend over backwards to help everyone succeed and offer a level of support that is phenomenal. I will be forever be grateful for everything they did to help my more
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