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“Transformation of Lives through Sober Living and Building Better Men” – The Otter House Recovery Motto

Otter House Recovery can help you get sober and transform your life. We will work with you to overcome addiction. These are the features of our sober living homes:

  • Highly skilled, professional, and friendly staff with many years of experience in mentoring and working within the recovery field
  • You will find a comfortable environment in which you can learn the techniques and tools that you need to achieve your long-term goals.
  • You will feel at home with all the amenities in this sober living house
  • Support system with resident manager available 24 hours a day

About Drug Addiction in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, located in the Appalachian Mountain area in western North Carolina, has a large opioid addicted population. According to estimates, prescription opioid pain medication is responsible for more North Carolina deaths than heroin or cocaine combined. Buncombe, in Asheville County, has one of the highest opioid painkiller prescription rates in the state. There were 17 million prescription for opiates in 2016 alone.

Asheville Opioid Addiction Epidemic

Officials consider Asheville to have an opioid epidemic. Since 2000, the number of opioid-related deaths has increased steadily by 64% and is expected to continue rising. Opioids refers to drugs that are either derived from or made up of opium. Opioids are a common class of pain management medication. This makes them easy to access, despite their addictive nature.

Local officials have joined forces to decrease opioid use in the city and offer drop-offs to residents to dispose of unwanted pills. The Buncombe Sheriff’s Office and the Asheville Police Department are the drop-off locations in the Asheville, NC area. The state of North Carolina also passed the Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention Act (or STOP) Act in 2017. This law was designed to limit prescription painkiller availability. It stipulates that doctors cannot prescribe opioids for acute pain for more than 5 days and that post-surgical painkillers can only be prescribed for 7 days. Asheville is still experiencing an increase in opioid-related overdoses despite these new regulations. It’s estimated that half of those addicted to pain pills get them from the street or from others.

Asheville Rehabilitation and Recovery

Addiction can be a serious illness that can affect anyone. There are many resources for those who are struggling with addiction in Asheville, North Carolina. North Carolina has many treatment programs and rehabilitation centers that can help you beat addiction. Otter House Recovery is the best option for Sober Living in Asheville, NC. Contact Our team today to learn more!

Otter House Recovery is a structured long-term program that offers a sober living in Asheville, NC.

We believe that change can be achieved and that Otter House Recovery’s Sober living Home for Men is a safe haven. We aim to create a supportive environment that encourages you to reach long-term sobriety.

We focus on each client’s individual needs and provide customized solutions. Our interactive, long-term program will help you overcome addiction. Our program has been used by hundreds of clients.

Our staff is aware of how addiction can affect your ability to adapt to a new system for recovery. Our program has certified social workers and consulting physicians who act as mentors to assist you in your recovery. These are just a few of the reasons Otter House Recovery is constantly associated with being the best option for sober living in Asheville, NC.

The amenities include a large living area, kitchen, multimedia rooms, movie theatre room, pool table and gaming system. There is also a recreation area with a computer. You can enjoy a large swimming pool and a built-in barbecue area on the patio.

To learn more about Otter House Recovery and our admissions process, contact our Sober Living Home staff.

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