Otter House Recovery

Program Overview

The Otter House Recovery Sober Living Home Program

The Otter House Recovery sober living home was created to provide a supportive and safe environment for young men who are struggling with substance abuse. Our staff is highly skilled and has a wide range of experience, all firmly grounded in the 12 Steps of Recovery.

Residents are trained to identify the root causes of their addiction to drugs or alcohol, learn new skills, and live a happy, joyful, and sober life. The sober living program at Otter House Recovery helps residents achieve their goals. The sober community continues to support graduates even years later.

After treatment for addiction or detox, residents at our home can build a sober support network. People who have been through addiction themselves are more likely to sympathize with you. It is an amazing experience to live with others who are working together to overcome their addictions. Newly sober residents can benefit from the advice and support of others who have been sober for longer periods. However, as they move along their own paths, many find that being a support person is the most healing activity.

Otter House Recovery believes that long-term recovery can be achieved by taking a rigorous approach to the problem, and not simply abstaining from alcohol or drugs. The Otter House Recovery sober living program has a very structured structure. Residents at our Asheville sober living facility follow a structured daily routine, set goals and strive to improve their lives.

Our program is deeply rooted in honesty, integrity and accountability. Many people arrive at Otter House Recovery after failing repeatedly to become sober in other sober living facilities or recovery residences. Many of these young men arrive depressed and broken. However, they experience a profound transformation at Otter House Recovery and become confident, free and, most importantly, sober young men.