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Sober Living Program Overview

Our Sober Living Program

You are in the right place with many people willing to guide, counsel, and motivate you on your recovery journey. In our Asheville sober living home, we have various programs to help improve your life skills and set you up for success.

One-on-One ​Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring is a crucial aspect of addiction recovery. Through sponsorship in 12-step programs and within the recovery home as well, residents have access to the experience, strength, and hope of individuals who are further along on their sober paths.

Medication Monitoring

Otter House Recovery coordinates with psychiatrists and medical professionals to make sure that residents are getting the care they need. Many men turn to substances initially as a way of self-medicating undiagnosed mental health problems. For these individuals, it is absolutely essential that they receive the proper pharmacological needs that their conditions warrant as directed by their physicians. Otter House Recovery’s residents also benefit from medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which helps mitigate withdrawal symptoms and alleviate cravings.

Money Management

Because addiction and its associated lifestyle leads to poor decision-making, many people arrive in sobriety with considerable debt on their hands. Otter House Recovery’s staff works with each individual to determine their financial situation and plan accordingly. Through a combination of budgeting, debt relief programs, and employment support, men at Otter House Recovery can begin to take steps toward financial freedom.

Employment Support

Unemployment, precarious employment, and losing a job are all common among people with substance abuse problems. For many newly sober men, getting a job or finding a career can be daunting prospects. Otter House Recovery works with residents to get them placed in jobs while they live there. Working while pursuing addiction recovery not only fosters accountability, integrity, and self-sufficiency, it prepares men for lives outside of a recovery home.

Group Meals

Otter House Recovery holds regular group meals during which residents come together as a community. The house also holds regular meals for both residents and family members. These are great opportunities for families to see how far their children have progressed.


Residents at Otter House Recovery have regular transportation needs, ranging from 12-step meetings to outpatient therapy appointments. Otter House Recovery not only coordinates transportation in advance for all residents, but staff or residents with more sober time provide support and supervision on all outings.

On-Site Staff

Otter House Recovery’s staff members possess years of experience in addiction recovery. With trained staff members on-site 24/7, residents can be assured that their living quarters are safe and that they will always have access to necessary resources.

Family ​Services

No one can get sober alone. Otter House Recovery is committed to including family members in the recovery process. Staff members work with residents and families to repair relationships and foster productive communication.

Phases of Sober Living

The structure of sober living tends to run in phases of increasing independence. Any given Sober Living Home program’s phases will widely differ depending on how they operate.  The level of support and services offered drastically alter what is required.

Restrictive phase – This starts residents with a “mental detox”.  From intake, a resident focuses on the basics of living in sobriety with isolation from triggers.

  • May last around a month
  • May have a first-week “blackout” with no phone or computer access
  • Advised to not work or attend school temporarily
  • Attend therapy sessions if applicable
  • Begin household duties, such as chores and errands
  • Attend health appointments (dental, vision, medical)
  • Introduce healthy activities like fitness and volunteering
  • Select and attend peer support group sessions
  • Restricted to each Sober Living Home – provided transportation for work, school or home activities


Reintroduction phase – This phase gradually adds personal responsibilities in the resident’s life. Once basic responsibilities are handled, related privileges will be restored as well.

  • Start school or work
  • Continue therapy, support group, errands, etc.
  • Personal transport allowed, restricted to essential activities only
  • Location may be monitored/shared with household via phone app


Self-sufficiency phase – This phase give residents more accountability before their transition to independent living.  They communicate their activities with the Sober Living Home staff, but ultimately make decisions independently.

  • Fully independent transportation
  • Preparation to move into the resident’s own home/apartment.
  • Must still follow the Sober Living Home eligibility requirements


If a resident regresses or relapses, they may be required to step back into restrictions.

Otter House Recovery

Why Our Sober Living Home?

Our Asheville sober living home is designed to be a safe and supportive environment where young men struggling with substance abuse can focus on developing a strong foundation for long-term sobriety. Our highly experienced staff use a variety of approaches firmly rooted in the 12 Steps of Recovery. 

Residents work to examine the underlying issues behind their drug or alcohol addiction, develop new skills and coping strategies, and learn how to live a happy, joyous, and free life in newfound sobriety. Graduates of Otter House Recovery’s sober living program go on to achieve their goals. Even years later, graduates continue to rely on the support of the sober community they formed at Otter House Recovery, and many remain involved in the workings of the house.

Sober Living Services in Asheville, NC

Otter House Recovery offers a range of recovery tools for individuals who are working to get relief from the obsessive desire to engage in substance abuse.

Over the course of each day, residents take part in a number of solo and group activities that facilitate recovery from substance use disorder. Not only do residents work to obtain sobriety in the here-and-now, they gain skills and strategies that will lower their likelihood of relapse even years down the line.

Our program is firmly rooted in the principles of 12 Step Recovery Programs, as originally laid out by Alcoholics Anonymous. During their time at Design for Recovery, residents attend daily meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Doing so allows them to expand their sober social support group beyond the confines of the sober living home and into the broader world. 

By the time an individual graduates from Otter House Recovery, they will already have strong relationships in place at recovery meetings throughout Asheville, leaving them well-prepared for sober life outside the walls of sober living. Residents also work through all of the 12 steps during their time at Otter House Recovery, working with sober mentors or sponsors, who provide a wealth of first-hand experience in recovering from addiction.

Otter House Recovery is committed to the idea that recovery from drug addiction is about more than just the removal of substances from the body. The process of recovery involves dealing with the underlying issues behind the addiction as well as developing the tools and coping strategies required for long term success in sober life down the road. Otter House Recovery offers a number of services to aid people along their paths to recovery.

Why Choose Otter House Recovery

Quality Services

After having studied many treatment programs and sober living houses, our team has put together a program that will offer everything our clients need to succeed.

Professional Care

Our founders have put together a great team of doctors, therapists and sponsors that can help with continuing their care during treatment.

Certified Staff

Our team of therapists and medical providers are all licensed and certified to provide the highest quality patient care.

Caring Community

Otter House Recovery works to keep families and friends involved in their loved one’s recovery. We strongly suggest that all of those involved to learn how to help those going through recovery.

Financial Education

Otter House Recovery works with the clients to learn the fundamentals of creating a solid financial foundation. Topics that will be taught include: Budget Creation, Credit Building, Financial Independence and efficient spending habits.

Networking Program

Our founders have put together a program to help clients learn the foundations of professional and personal networking. Our clients benefit by learning the basics of networking to working and learning from business professionals Otter House works with.

Family Program

Our team works with clients and their families to facilitate phone calls, share pictures, schedule check-in's with the owners/managers and helping implement boundaries while in treatment.

Career Planning

Otter House Recovery works with clients to build a set of professional goals (short, medium & long term), help acquire internships and network with business professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Otter House Recovery helps young men trapped in the vicious circle of addiction.

No matter if you were addicted to opioids, crystal meth or alcohol, the Otter House Recovery sober-living residence treats your thoughts and behaviors that can lead to addiction. Otter House Recovery staff understands that different levels of addiction exist and that recovery is different for each person.

Some people arrive at our Asheville sober living facility having lost everything. They might have lost all their relationships with family and friends, lost their jobs or become homeless during their addictions. Some people arrive with their lives seemingly intact but the sad realization that they cannot stop using drugs and alcohol. Otter House Recovery’s addiction treatment program can help you transform your life, regardless of your addiction.

Otter House Recovery provides a variety of tools to help individuals overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Residents take part in both solo and group activities throughout the day that support recovery from substance abuse disorder. Residents not only work to achieve sobriety now, but they also learn strategies and skills that will reduce their chances of relapse in the future.

Our program is grounded in the 12 Step Recovery Programs principles as laid out originally by Alcoholics Anonymous. Residents attend Otter House Recovery’s daily meetings. This allows them to extend their sober support network beyond the walls of Otter House Recovery and into the wider world.

Otter House Recovery graduates have established strong relationships at Asheville recovery meetings, making them well-equipped for sober living outside of the walls. Otter House Recovery residents also go through the 12 steps with their sober mentors and sponsors. This gives them a lot of experience in recovering from addiction.

Otter House Recovery is different from other sober living houses because it is firmly rooted in the 12 Steps of Recovery. It is also highly structured and centered around the principles of honesty integrity, accountability, responsibility, service, and accountability. If you are struggling with recovery or relapsing, Otter House Recovery is the place for you. It is one of the most prestigious sober living homes in Asheville.

Otter House Recovery believes that addiction to drugs is more than just about getting rid of them. Recovery involves addressing the root causes of the addiction and developing the skills and coping strategies necessary to sustain sobriety.

Otter House Recovery provides a variety of services that can help people on their path to recovery. These services include:

  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • House Unity Meetings
  • Monitoring of Medication
  • Employment Support
  • Money Management
  • Family Outreach

Otter House Recovery founders have a wealth experience in sober living and recovery. They are passionate about helping young men trapped in the addiction cycle. This sober living program for men aims to rebuild lives. It is a difficult process but one that they do with great compassion. Many young men have broken free from addiction by participating in the Otter House Recovery program.

Otter House Recovery is a program that helps people in the Southeast US with alcohol and drug addiction. Otter House Recovery is located in Asheville and offers a sober community as well as a structured program for behavioral modification that is strongly rooted in The 12 Steps. Otter House Recovery can help residents find financial assistance to pay for sober living. Otter House Recovery is the ideal place for people who want to achieve freedom and happiness. We are happy to provide more information on Otter House Recovery’s history, core values and the day-today operations of the program.

Residents at our sober living home have the opportunity to build a strong sober social support system following detox or addiction treatment. People who have similarly suffered from addiction are the people who are most likely to understand what you are going through. Living together with a group of individuals who are all working together to treat their addictions is a profound experience. Not only do newly sober residents benefit from the support and advice of those with more time sober, but as an individual progresses along their own path they often find that being a support for others is the most healing activity.

It is the philosophy of Otter House Recovery that long-term recovery is achieved through rigorous action, not merely the state of physical abstinence from drugs or alcohol. Otter House Recovery’s sober living program is highly structured. Every day, residents at our Asheville sober living homes follow a daily schedule, set goals, and work to better themselves as people. 

Our program is strongly rooted in the principles of honesty, integrity, accountability, service, and responsibility. Many people come to Otter House Recovery after repeatedly trying and failing to get sober at other sober living facilities and recovery residences. These young men, who often arrive broken and despondent, undergo a radical transformation during their time at Otter House Recovery, ultimately emerging as confident, free, and — above all — sober young men.

Great place to start the recovery process before you start out on your own. I still go back there for meetings and to just talk to staff and hang out in a safe environment. Highly recommend if you want to stand on your two feet again.
James R.
So grateful for everyone that is a part of this program. Nick, Marcus, Jamie, and Kate are super caring people who put their all into seeing us succeed. I don’t know where I’d be right now if it were not for the skills and support I gained from otter house.
Justin A.
I’ve been in the recovery community in Asheville for 2+ years and can say that Otter House truly makes a difference. The staff are all very supportive and are passionate about helping others. I support all that OH does in this community.
Kev M.
justin Allard
justin Allard
19:28 11 Mar 21
So grateful for everyone that is a part of this program. Nick, Marcus, Jamie, and Kate are super caring people who put... their all into seeing us succeed. I don’t know where I’d be right now if it were not for the skills and support I gained from otter house. I met people through this program that I will forever consider to be friends. If you or someone you know is struggling I’d highly recommend reaching out to any of the workers here. They truly put their all into helping everyoneread more
Kev McDaniel
Kev McDaniel
18:51 09 Mar 21
I’ve been in the recovery community in Asheville for 2+ years and can say that Otter House truly makes a difference.... The staff are all very supportive and are passionate about helping others. I support all that OH does in this more
James Roquemore
James Roquemore
02:03 08 Mar 21
Great place to start the recovery process before you start out on your own. I still go back there for meetings and to... just talk to staff and hang out in a safe environment. Highly recommend if you want to stand on your two feet more
Mary Bolgan
Mary Bolgan
02:01 08 Mar 21
As an active member of the recovery community here in Asheville, I would recommend Otter House to any men looking for a... safe and supportive environment while they learn to live and stay on right road to recovery. The staff are well known upstanding men in the recovery community and are not only role models for other men looking for guidance, but also fellow addicts who have the firsthand experience of knowing what it’s like to be in early recovery. Otter house is not just a place to live, but a place that makes sure that every aspect of a residents life supports him in becoming a successful and sober member of more
Mary Wray
Mary Wray
00:57 05 Mar 21
I highly recommend Otter House. They have a loving and supportive staff that really cares about their clients. They... bend over backwards to help everyone succeed and offer a level of support that is phenomenal. I will be forever be grateful for everything they did to help my more
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